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How do I get my extranet user?
You can request it in this link.

Why does my extranet password get blocked?
If you do not log in for 30 days, the password will block automatically.

What should I do if my extranet password gets blocked?
Please contact Help Desk

How much does it cost to use extranet?
The use of extranet is totally free of charge.

If I make an online payment (Pagonet), would I have to wait for being assisted?
No, if you have already made the payment via extranet, you will have preferential treatment (i.e. a customer service window for you).

If I make inquiries via extranet, do I have to communicate with you to know if the information is right?
It is not necessary, extranet information is 100% reliable.

When I create a matrix via extranet, do I need to have the final data?
To create a matrix for the first time, you need to have provisional data because this permits to have a reference about what will be shipped.

Could I change the matrix data?
You can make changes in the matrix, but remember you have a closing date and after this date you will not be allowed to make any change.

How many settlements can I generate via web and how many can I pay?
You can generate settlements via web unlimitedly. However, when you are going to make the payment, we recommend to make maximum 5 settlements by time in order to avoid problems during the operation.

If the freight is prepaid and the THC is collect, may I pay for it?
Yes, you can make this payment via our extranet platform.

  • Approvals

    Where do I request the approvals? For loads from/to Callao port in Transmeridian SAC (link to the addresses). You can request your approval via our extranet platform without coming to our offices [Link to extranet]. For loads from/to Paita port in Cosmos Shipping Agency and B&M Shipping Agency. What are the requirements to submit breakdowns? […]

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  • Documentation

    What are the requirements to get my original B/Ls? You must bring a letterhead document of your company, indicating name of the ship, BL number and data of the person who is going to get them. What is the procedure for requesting an issuance in destination or express release for an export shipment? Please send […]

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  • Exportation

    What are the next departures from Callao? Go to itineraries What are the transit times for each destination? This information is available via our extranet platform . If you do not have a user, please request it in the same platform. What are the deadlines for cargo and documents delivery? This information is available via […]

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  • Freight charges and other payments

    How can I make my collect freight payments (import) or prepaid (export)? You can pay your freight charges with a cashier’s check payable to Transmeridian S.A.C. or cash deposit in the following accounts and also via our extranet platform. I have requested an Express Release. What is the cost and how can I make the […]

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  • Importation

    When did my cargo depart from the port of origin and in what ship will it arrive? This information is available via our extranet platform [link to extranet]. If you don´t have a user, please request it in the same platform. I need a copy of my B/L. How can I get it? You can […]

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